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 AL JAWAD Trading & Contracting Co was established in 1978 as a Construction Contractor in the State of Kuwait and has experience in execution of projects for both Governmental Agencies and Private Sector.

Over the years, AL JAWAD growth was fundamental to obtain and maintain client satisfaction by delivering quality construction services on time and within budget. With almost four decades of experience, several governmental approvals and variety of successful projects were achieved such as villas, chalets, commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and towers in the State of Kuwait.

AL JAWAD management has a great emphasis on safety environment, quality control and timely completion which consistently meets engineering and architectural specifications; thus ensuring high standards and achieving optimal level of clients' satisfaction.

AL JAWAD's goal is to maintain its position as a contractor of choice and achieve sustainable growth. We aim to set the benchmark of excellence for our industry with our expertise and adherence to the highest level of safety and quality in construction.